Communicate You Care With A Question

Meaningful Questions.
Stronger Connections.

Great questions can provide clarity, insight, and validation needed for success in work, home, and life.

But few of us receive or give them in our daily interactions.

One Meaningful Question changes that.

We help people build powerful connections, lasting influence, and increased resilience needed to thrive in today’s changing environments.

We start with a question, but we leave with more powerful mindsets.

How a Question Can Change a Life

Watch Brian’s Ted Talk on how he connected with Nathan, a 15 year-old meth addict. Nathan was protecting his hopes and dreams with walls. Brian tried everything to get through to him.

Finally someone suggested Starting With A Question. Our brain is hardwired to answer a question.  See how that one dynamic changed their relationship and in turn helped Brian discover what true leadership is.

Ready To Start Having Meaningful Conversations

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We have a variety of free and paid resources available to you that will help you craft engaging questions, identify meaningful moments and ultimately have connecting conversations in different aspects of your life.


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Our monthly membership grants you access to unlimited recorded trainings and resources as well as live weekly practice sessions. Knowing the questions to ask is only the beginning, feeling comfortable in their practical application can be life-changing.

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