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With all of today’s distractions, having a meaningful conversation with your teen can seem impossible.

We don’t think they have to be. In fact, the important, engaging, and deep conversation that you’ve been hoping is just a question away.

Start asking the kind of questions that have helped hundreds of people improve their conversations and strengthen relationships by utilizing the Meaningful Question Resources today.

Resources You Need

3 Meaningful Questions

  • Replace three common questions with three questions developed from the Meaningful Question process and feel the difference immediately.
  • Learn how small changes can inspire big thinking.
  • Discover how easy strengthening connections can be with a simple, yet scientific, change in a question.

Meaningful Validation

  • Learn to identify key moments to ask impactful questions.
  • Validate important behaviors more effectively.
  • Get insight into your teens passions, experiences, and concerns without the awkwardness.
  • Encourage self validation, internal motivation, and independent thinking.
  • Help your teen understand their thinking process, motivations, and themselves.

Meaningful Conversations

  • Learn to structure entire conversations using powerful questions.
  • Develop curiosity in your teen through weekly interactions.
  • Help your teen strengthen the mindsets they will need for future challenges.
  • Build trust, confidence, and rapport in subjects that can often be challenging.

    This package of 5 resources covers the following conversations:

  1. Discovering Interests
  2. Creating Happiness
  3. Overcoming Challenge
  4. Making Friends
  5. Discussing Grades

Leverage the Power of Great Questions

Help Your Teen Develop Critical Skills Through Conversation

1 Encourage Growth

Using questions to validate progress allows your teen to develop internal curiosity, a known factor in driving achievement.

2 Build Resilience

Meaningful Conversations are designed to help your teen find learning in success and failure, helping them develop a strong growth mindset.

3 Improve Self-Esteem

Meaningful Conversations are specifically designed to help teens develop internal motivation and learn to self validate, building confidence with each question.

4 Protect Your Child

Helping your teen learn to think through past challenges through Meaningful Conversations helps them build resilience for future challenges.

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