Download these 3 FREE Questions To Inspire REAL Meaningful Conversations with Your Peers.

Even with the best intentions, our attempts to engage and connect with those most important to us can fall flat.

From networking events that are a waste of time to the meeting with a friend over coffee that left you feeling further apart, making and strengthening connections can be difficult.  But, with the right questions, those conversations can become more valuable, impactful, and memorable today.

Turn your peer group into your greatest source of inspiration, motivation, and growth through questions that allow you to become a source of positive inspiration, reflection, and clarity one question at a time.

Resources You Need

3 Meaningful Questions

  • Positively disrupt the mindless and repetetive questions that no one remembers with three that generate responses you won’t forget.
  • Make your interactions memorable with questions that make the conversation interesting.
  • Make more consistent connections with more intentional questions.

Meaningful Validation

  • Bring more value to every important conversation.
  • Communicate your interest and how much you care with interesting questions about things they care about.
  • Help turn someones day around without feeling like you have to be motivational speaker.
  • Turn your social and business network into a source of learning, growth, and inspiration.
  • Learn to identify situations that offer the most potential for you to have a  positive impact on those you care about.

Meaningful Conversations

  • Create consistent opportunities to grow and learn with friends, co-workers, and professional groups.
  • Learn to help each other without alienating people with unwanted advice or opinion.
  • Better prepare each other for future obstacles by helping each other clarify strengths, purpose, and abilities.
  • Help provide the essential validation your connections may not be getting at work.
  • Turn your professional or social network into a source of positive support, encouragement, and motivation for all.

This package of resources outlines 5 conversations that will bring out the best in those around you while doing the same for you.

The most influential people ask better questions

Increase Your Impact One Conversation at a Time

1 Encourage Growth

Move beyond surface conversations with questions that motivate, inspire, and encourage each other to move forward.

2 Build Resilience

Help your friends and colleagues believe in their ablity to overcome difficult challenges in and outside of the workplace.

3 Improve Self-Esteem

Have conversation the build each other up while helping each other develop a more positive outlook towards others and the world around them.

Combat negative, disempowering and toxic messages that we are bombarded with in our personal and professional life.

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